Were Ski Reservations Actually Beneficial?


Lexi Medina, Print Manager

Due to Covid-19, Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek ski resorts implemented a reservation system to keep the mountain running while limiting exposure to different people; however, many wondered if this system was actually working. An article released by the Vail Daily stated that “despite the reservation system, Vail continued to see long lift lines and full parking structures this season as crowds flocked to the area on weekends and powder days”(John LaConte). This shows that reservations made a negligible difference in the number of people that came skiing or snowboarding; additionally, as a regular skier on Vail Mountain, I feel that Vail didn’t accurately follow through with this system, which ultimately exposed different crowds of people to COVID-19.

There were many mixed emotions and opinions about the reservations. Some didn’t have a problem using it and actually enjoyed it, while others thought it was a waste of time and saw more people this season than in past ones. Recently, former Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz released a statement saying that Vail would not be utilizing a reservation system for this upcoming reason.