VMS Nordic: Mid-Season Update


Will Brunner and Cami Johnson

The first race of the season: Aspen. It was a snowy day and the visibility was very low. Rates of carnage were high and the course was skiing slow. But nevertheless, the VMS nordic team showed up to have a spectacular race. Cyrus Creasy was the first guy on the line and despite the rapidly accumulating snow, he finished in 2nd place behind Eagle Valley’s Ferguson St. John. He was proud to win the silver medal and a chocolate croissant for his efforts. Will Brunner was the second VMS skier off the line and finished 5th. Luke’s first-ever nordic race began and ended with red Gatorade. Despite pushing himself very quickly off the line, he powered through and finished in 30th. The girl’s team, represented by senior Cami Johnson, was a small but mighty force. Although it was a full-on blizzard by the time the girl’s race began, she was able to finish in 20th. 

After two weeks of training, the nordic team returned even stronger and ready to race. The crew headed to gold run in Breckenridge for a spectacular skate race. Again, the race began with snowy conditions, but again the team prevailed. Sophomore Will Brunner was the first off the line and ended up the fourth finisher. Junior Mason Cruz-Abrams, with a single-pole due to a hand injury, skied effortlessly into 12th place. Luke Huml, ready for redemption after the Gatorade incident, skied his best race yet, finished in 28th, and secured the Vail Mountain Boys team a podium finish. Although not earning points for the team, Connor Cooley had an excellent race and finished in 47th place in the top half of the field. The girl’s team, again thin in numbers due to an alpine race the same day, had a strong showing. Freshmen Charlotte Johnson and Cecily Elton approached the race tentatively but demonstrated talent on the course. Charlotte skied speedily and qualified for state competition with a finish in 33rd place. Cecily skied amazingly in her first nordic race in many years and finished in 83rd. Even with only 2 girls, the VMS women’s team was able to snag an 11th place finish beating Evergreen and Clear Creek.

This weekend the Nordic team faces their toughest race yet: a brutal doubleheader of a 3k classic ski and a 5k skate ski at the infamously hilly Maloit Park. They are co-hosting the race with Battle Mountain and have high hopes for another great race! The first race is the boy’s classic race at 10 am which will be a wave start followed by the girl’s race at 11. After lunch, the boys will start their skate race at 1 and the girls at 2.