VMS Ski Teams Finish Season

Will Brunner

On February 17th, the two VMS ski teams (Nordic and Alpine) embarked on the biggest race of their high school season. The 17th was the first day of competition and included a 5k individual start for the Nordic skiers and a brutally technical GS race for the Alpine team. The VMS girls started first and with VMS’s Ava Crowley getting the first overall start. She was the first to encounter the very difficult course set and overcame it with great ease skiing into a 7th place overall finish. Annika Shikverg also had an impressive race sliding into 30th place. These two impressive finishes gained them 10th place team finishes in GS. The VMS boys team also finished in 10th with impressive finishes from ​​senior Cole Pattison in 10th and sophomore Jackson Cohn in 39th. VMS girls nordic team lined up next for a cold, fast 5k. The girl’s team was led by senior Cami Johnson with a 46th place finish, she was followed quickly by her freshman sister Charlotte in 48th, Cecily Eton finished VMS’s girl’s team off with a 59th place finish and secured the girls a 10th place finish. The boy’s nordic team also had a very strong showing in the skate race with sophomores Cyrus Creasy and Will Brunner securing spots in the top 10 (3rd and 6th). Luke Huml also had a very strong race finishing in 30th putting the VMS boys team in Second beating local rivals such as Battle Mountain and Summit.

February 18th was the last day of competition for the VMS ski teams and they were driven to make their mark on the 2022 Colorado State Skiing Championship. Sadly, the day did not go as hoped for the Girl’s alpine team with all 3 skiers DNFing on a very difficult slalom course set. The boy’s team had a great race with seniors Cole Pattison and Austin Morris (16th and 33rd) finishing giving the boy’s team their second 10th place finish. The girls’ nordic team also had a hard second day of racing with only Cami and Charlotte Johnson qualifying to race, but this didn’t shake them as they both had amazing races going 41st and 46th. The boy’s Nordic team also lost two skiers going into the second day and showed up with Will Brunner and Luke Huml. They both still raced hard and finished 16th and 51st. Overall the VMS Ski team showed up and made their mark on the 2022 State Championship with overall team results of 10th for the girls and 7th for the boys.