Cami Johnson to Attend US Naval Academy

Mason Cruz-Abrams, Founder, Editor-In-Chief

Vail Mountain School senior Cami Johnson, the Chief Staff Writer at the Gore Range Gazette, has accepted an appointment to the United States Naval Academy. One of the most prestigious schools in the nation, Naval Academy graduates go on to become officers in the US Navy and leaders of society. 

Just applying to the academy is an arduous process. Candidates, as applicants are called, are required to seek nominations from Congressmen, Senators, and the Vice President in addition to a physical aptitude test and a medical examination. Admitted candidates have demonstrated athletic, academic, and extracurricular excellence to an extreme degree. Johnson is an active participant in school sports and extracurricular activities, from varsity soccer to the Civil Air Patrol. Her extensive resume and academic prowess led to her admittance into the academy.

Although getting into the academy is difficult, the decision of whether or not to attend can be equally as hard. Despite being an incredible opportunity, the Naval Academy comes with tradeoffs. A government-funded, elite education comes with strict rules and commitments on the part of attendees. A degree from the academy comes with a 5-year service obligation to the US Navy. “I think it’s part of why I’m attending,” said Johnson. 

A strong support system is also extremely important to help an applicant complete the process. Teachers wrote multiple letters of recommendation for Johnson, specifically those in math and science. “You’re welcome, Cami” said Mr. Rosenkrantz, Johnson’s main STEM teacher throughout high school, as he brushed off one shoulder. 

Johnson accepted her appointment to the Naval Academy and will be heading out to plebe (first-year) summer training soon after graduation. “I’m very appreciative of this opportunity to serve my country,” said Johnson.