Powerschool VS. Schoology, which one is better?

Schoology Logo

The logo of Schoology, one of the education management platforms utilized by the Vail Mountain School

Kristian Popov, Staff Writer

The logo of Schoology, one of the education management platforms utilized by the Vail Mountain School

This year after every school day, you probably, hopefully, open Schoology to see what grades you have, what homework due dates are coming up, and other academic-related things. Last year, the learning management system was Powerschool. Both platforms have similar goals but different executions. So, this begs the question, which platform is better for students? After using both platforms, I prefer Powerschool over Schoology.


It is important to note that VMS has been using Schoology for three weeks compared to Powerschool, which the school has used for longer. Most students and faculty are still learning how to use the new platform. As for me, I’ve only used Powerschool for one year, while Schoology, the previous school I went to, used it as their platform.


To begin with, one of the perks Powerschool has is that it doesn’t have an overdue assignment section. Schoology states whether a homework assignment is overdue or upcoming. Because most of the homework assignments are to be turned in on paper, not through Schoology, this creates a list of homework that lingers in the overdue section. And because the overdue area stays on top of the upcoming assignments, you must scroll through a sea of submitted overdue homework before you get to what you have to work on for your classes. The list will only get bigger as we progress through the school year. On Powerschool, an assignment disappears after its due date, and you must access the calendar if you want to see it again. Two possible solutions to this problem are to make more homework assignments submitted through Schoology or delete past homework. Considering it might be annoying for teachers to delete past assignments constantly, the former solution might be better.


Along with the homework assignments problem, Schoology is less compact than PowerSchool. For example, on your home screen, you have your classes on the center-left and homework assignments on the center-right. To see how you are performing, you must access the grades section and click on each class to view your grade. With Powerschool, it shows your grades for all of your courses. With PowerSchool, it is more convenient to see your grades because it’s compacted to your home screen with your calendar and homework assignments than Schoology. There, things are more spread out.


However, one plus I remember Schoology has that PowerSchool doesn’t is being able to make school announcements on the platform itself. In my previous school, the faculty could post vital dates or events for the entire school in the “Recent Activity” section, and students could publicly reply to the post. Compared to Powerschool, there is no such function. All school announcements are sent through emails.


All in all, I prefer Powerschool over Schoology. In Powerschool, overdue assignments disappear, while in Schoology, they overflow their section. In Schoology, its functions are more spread out. However,  Schoology does have an area where faculty can give announcements without using Gmail. But at the end of the day, neither system is awful.