Simon Chantler, Staff Writer

VAIL MOUNTAIN SCHOOL DRAMA DEPARTMENT – November 11th, 12th, and 13th will be a new coming show called Harvey. This show is a comedy that will make you laugh your socks off. This show follows Elwood P. Dowd (played by Simon chantler) a polite and friendly man with an exciting best friend, Who just happens to be a white 6-foot and a-half-tall rabbit named Harvey. Who nobody can see but Elwood. This show follows Elwood and his plotting family who are trying to put him in a mental institution.     

You will meet such characters as Myrtle Mae Simmons the niece of Elwood played by Sage Evans, Veta Louise Simmons the sister of Elwood played by Annika Shikverg, Miss Johnson the maid played by Diana Gaffne, Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet a close family friend of the Dowds played by Ellie Drescher, Ruth Kelly the assistant to Dr.Sanderson played by Kelly Garay, Duane Wilson the orderly of the mental institution played by Henry Prince, Dr.Sanderson a young flirtatious psychiatrist played by Spencer Hurd, Dr.Chumly a serious older psychiatrist who is played by Riley Hile, Ms.Chumly played by Ellie Drescher, Judge Gaffney the attorney of the Dowd family played by Ajay Bently, and the determined cab driver who just wants his money played by Tristyn Hurd. 

The director, Tony Bender had to say this “Harvey is one of my absolute favorite plays and I’m excited to bring it to VMS. It is a great tale of missed perceptions, bad assumptions, and embracing those who are slightly peculiar. I promise this show is both “oh so smart” and “oh so pleasant,” and I can hardly wait for folks to come to chase the rabbit with us.”.